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For Teachers

Just because, Just for the fun of it.

Painting a tree with Jack Knight School is in session and it is a busy time of of year so why not take a moment for yourself and do something creative and fun?
I can teach you the art and craft of painting and guide you through the techniques that will expand your creativity. My classes have something to offer everyone from the novice to the experienced painter. I have the experience and background to deal with each and everyone at all their various levels and interests.

Reasons to take a painting class with Jack Knight

Painting a flower with Jack Knight
  • Because it’s fun

  • Because you want to
  • Stress relief

  • Creative outlet
  • Explore something different
  • Learn things to share with your students
  • and last... did I mention, because it’s fun

Special offer just for Teachers

*You bring the canvas and I will bring the paint (for your first lesson) through the first two weeks of December
*for the first five people to enroll in my class I will provide the canvas

Special Note
Teachers always recieve a 15% discount on all thier purchases at Michaels

Notes For Educators

I am open to doing special classes on choosen subjects for small groups (i.e. perspective, color, use of various art materials and medias, etc). Simply call or email to discuss what you have in mind.

I am also available if you just have a question about painting, paint or art project or even just need ideas for developing an apporiate art project.

Free Coloring Pages

Knit with Sheldon free coloring pages, Yarn and knitting website I thought I would post this link here as a resource as I plan on adding more pages on this site. These are free coloring pages free to download and print of Sheldon the knitting Sheep.