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Art Tools Seminar

Brushes, Paints & Surfaces


Watch for Details!

This seminar is geared torward both the artist and non artist alike who want to become better aquainted with the tools and materials of art. We will focus more on learning about art supplies and materials than producing artwork. There will be three hours of discussion and an hour of studio time, with a break in between.
The topics covered will include:


  • Types of paint.
  • Usage
  • Lightfastness
  • Color quailty
  • Mediums and Additives
  • Bonding quailty
  • Coating


  • Brush Construction
  • Brush Hair
  • Types Of Brushes
  • Usage
  • Speciality Brushes
  • Care And Cleaning


  • Types of surfaces
  • Surface Preparation
  • Gessoes and primers
  • Surface considerations
  • Surface Qualities