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Art Events for Scouts

Manikin Painting
Manikin Painting
Manikin Painting with pack 110

Totem Pole Painting
Making a Totem Pole
I do a number of free events for various scout groups as I find that they are both rewarding and fun. I am open to doing more. If you are a scout leader and looking for an event and would like ideas or to arrange something please feel free to contact me.

Painting Demonstrations

Art badge Requirement - With your parent's permission and your counselor's approval, visit a museum, art exhibit, art gallery, artists' co-op, or artist's workshop. Find out about the art displayed or created there. Discuss what you learn with your counselor.

If you are a scout or scout leader (or other such group) and would like to arrange for a free painting demonstration at one of the locations I am at please feel free to call or email me and we can go over the details and work out a time


If you are involved with Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts or other such group we have the class for you! What better more fun activity could you have than a creative painting class? We can arrange just the right class for your group with the painting subject matter of your choice, be it a landscape from a group outing or other subject that pertains to something you are presently doing or involved in. We can work towards that arts merit badge together or just have a fun time learning to paint.

Please keep in mind also that Michaels has other experienced teachers who can taylor a class just for your group, from knitting to cake decorating.The classrooms are also available for rent if you just need a space for your creative project

Pinewood Paint Up

Looking forward to doing this again

Pinewood paint up with Jack Knight

Paint up at
Michaels in Huntington Beach, Aliso Viejo, Orange, Buena Park and Santa Ana

For 2013

I have not put up dates for this year year as I have been setting up other things. I you like like to setup a painting event let me know a good time to do so and we will attempt to schedule you in!!

I had the first Pinewood paint up event on Saturday in Huntington Beach. There were a lot of people there and though it was very busy it was a lot of fun.

Apparently the timing was also right as there is a Pinewood derby next week

I helped the young people there as much as I could with paint, types of paint, ways to paint and how to use a couple of the different brushes and with a few scouts, how to use the airbrush on a very basic level.The area troop leader showed up fresh from a car shaping event that apparently had taken place earlier that day.

Apparently some packs have races for family members and parents after the scouts have their race so I had several sisters of scouts painting cars.

There was even a mother who was making a car simply because she never had before and as one son had moved up into the boy Scouts and her other son would be doing the same this soon, this was the last year of cub scouts. After the event I helped her find a gloss coat for her car and more importantly some shadow boxes so she could display all her sons Cub Scout badges and thing as she has lots of fond memories of the scouting experience.

I am going to add a Sunday event in Orange (January 21th) next week as apparently the YMCA Indian Princesses will be hosting a pinewood derby that is a very large event.

Unfortunately I was too busy to be able to take pictures.

Special Note:

I wanted to mention the fact that I am doing these events as the result of a simple request from a young man in my painting class, Jack Terry. He asked that I help him paint his. We painted a flaming horse (his idea) on it and added metallic paint and an iridescent top coat followed by a clear coat. It looked really cool and I had to share it with the Michaels framing director Carlos and a few other store people. From that I decided to offer this event as an alternative to the painting demonstrations that I normally do in the stores where I teach.