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Classes for Adults

Painting Lessons

Seascape Painting with Jack Knight I have both evening workshops and weekend workshops for adults. This is painting for fun, for the most part directed at the beginner, though I can work intermediate and advanced students as well.

We paint one project of various subject matter in acrylic paints per session. I try and work with each and every student individually as much as possible. While we do paint from a photograph, the photo is only for reference with the goal of learn the techniques of painting and not creating an exact rendition of the photo. For the beginner it is all about having fun learning to paint and learning to "see". (shapes, colors, texture, form, etc.)
For those with more painting experience I will work with more on refining and expanding the painting skill set.

If you require more advanced instruction feel free to call or email me and we can arrange something.

Mountian Painting with Jack Knight